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Posted By Ryan Oates

“I’ve lost track of an old company pension”

This is one of the most common questions asked when we deliver our onsite Workplace Pension presentations or Retirement Workshops.

With career changes, company closures, and mergers, it's easy to lose track of old pension schemes. If you've ever found yourself wondering, "What happened to my pension from that job I had years ago?" you're not alone.  Fortunately, The Pension Tracing Service offers a valuable resource to help you find those lost pensions.

What is the Pension Tracing Service?

The Pension Tracing Service is a free online tool provided by the UK government that helps individuals locate contact details for their workplace or personal pensions. This service is essential for anyone who has lost track of their pension plans from previous employers or private pension schemes. By using this tool, you can reconnect with your lost pensions and ensure you receive the benefits you've earned over your working life.

How Common is Losing Track of Pensions?

Losing track of pensions is a widespread issue. With people changing jobs more frequently than ever before, it's easy to forget about a pension plan set up with a former employer.  According to recent studies, millions of pounds are sitting in unclaimed pensions in the UK, simply because people have lost track of them. These forgotten funds could make a significant difference in your retirement savings, so it's crucial to take action.

Using the Pension Tracing Service is straightforward:

  1. **Gather Information**: Collect any information you have about your previous employers. This could include the name of the company, dates of employment, and any pension statements you might have.
  2. **Visit the Website**: Go to [] to access the Pension Tracing Service.
  3. **Complete the Form**: Fill out the online form with the details you have about your previous employer. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to trace your pension.
  4. **Get Results**: The service will provide you with contact details for your pension provider. You can then reach out to them to get further information about your pension.

Your retirement savings are too important to leave to chance. Take control of your financial future and make sure every penny you've earned works for you.

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