About Co-Founder Stephen Girling

1962 - 2023

SG Wealth Management’s continued success is still upheld by the enduring impact of Stephen Girling’s legacy, unwavering high standards, and steadfast commitment to putting clients first.

Having started in financial services in 1978, Stephen went on to jointly launch SGWM in 2001 in Norwich,  together with original co-founder Neil Shillito.  Ultimately buying Neil out in 2018, Stephen continued to develop SGWM into the enormously successful East Anglian business it still is today - indeed, many of SGWM's original clients continue to benefit from our advice.

Stephen held the ‘gold-standard’ of professional accreditation as a Chartered Financial Planner, demonstrating his dedication to upholding the highest principles in the industry. He was also known throughout the region for his charitable and community activities, serving as treasurer for his local church, as well as being a respected voice in the financial services media.

Away from the financial world, Stephen enjoyed distance running, describing it as a counterbalance to the hours spent behind a desk.  Breaking free from the conventional stereotype of a Managing Director in the financial sector, he also enjoyed the freedom of rides on his beloved motorbike.

Stephen left behind a legacy of impact and inspiration, survived by his wife and three grown children.  In memory of Stephen’s life, the team at SGWM continue to honour the standards of a well-respected and liked business leader, devoted family man, and a humble, compassionate contributor to both his professional and personal communities.