Pension savings are a key part of any financial plan and a fundamental part of ensuring a comfortable retirement, although today Retirement Planning means much more than just pensions!  There are various ways to use your pension fund and other assets to provide you with an ongoing income upon retirement, so it’s important to have an effective plan in place to access the income you’ll need, from the most tax-efficient source. 

Changes to pension rules also mean you can now access your pension savings more flexibly once you reach minimum retirement age, but the right advice is essential.  The decisions you make at this time can have far-reaching consequences for you and your family, so we'll help you understand all the implications and ensure you choose the best option for your needs.  We can help with:

As you approach retirement, we’ll work with you to identify and understand your requirements and sources of income, before devising a plan which allows income to be ‘drawn down’ in the most tax-efficient way, which often will change over time.  We’ll continue to review and adjust this regularly, allowing you to enjoy financial peace of mind throughout your entire retirement.

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