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Contemplating a time when you’re no longer here can be uncomfortable, but estate planning is an important part of any financial strategy and early planning can make a significant financial difference to those you leave behind.  Transferring all you've accumulated, protected and worked hard for to those who matter to you is a key consideration as you grow older, and there are many options to pass it on in the most efficient way.

We have in-depth knowledge of the tax considerations and can create a plan to balance the funds you need to support your lifestyle with the available options to transfer your assets to whomever you choose, ensuring they benefit as much as possible from your legacy.  We can help with:

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) affects you if you have an estate with total assets above the current IHT ‘nil-rate bands’.  We highly recommend seeking early professional advice if you fall into this category, because passing your wealth on to your next generation effectively and efficiently takes careful preparation and skill.  We can help with various options for holding your assets, such as setting up family trusts or the transfer of assets.


As a legal agreement allowing a third party to hold assets on behalf of one or more beneficiaries, a trust offers a combination of protection and tax savings.  We regularly work with trustees, third-party administrators, legal advisers and trust specialists, so are highly experienced in advising on what may be suitable for you.  Or, if you’re a trustee, we can advise on your financial responsibilities and the suitable investment methods for money held in trust.


For some, putting in place protection to cover potential tax liabilities is a sensible option for either a short or longer-term.  We can help you decide what sort of protection is right for you and regularly review it to provide you with financial peace of mind in the event of the unexpected.

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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Trusts, Tax and Estate Planning.