Whilst living longer is what most of us might wish for, it can mean we’re likely to need some type of care in older age.

But whilst you may not like to think about what could happen if your money runs out, residential care can be expensive and the number of people eligible for local authority support, or funded by NHS Continuing Health Care budgets, is declining.  Many people are having to pay their own fees, ‘top-up’ the local authority contribution, or ‘self-fund’ to receive the care facilities they want. 

Wealth Manager, John Griffin is specifically qualified to offer advice to you, or those looking after your best interests, at what can be an anxious and unsettling time.  As a regulated qualified 'Later Life Adviser', he's an accredited member of Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) – a not-for-profit organisation which helps people and their families find financial advisers who understand and specialise in later life financial needs.

John offers an initial no-cost consultation where he'll gather as much information as possible and assess the financial position of the person needing care, the funding options available and the benefits they may be entitled to - but potentially aren't receiving.

He’ll let you know whether we can help and, if so, what we can do.  He can guide you to make the right decisions, but the earlier we talk to you the better, as it becomes more difficult to provide solutions once capital has started to be eroded.

If you, or your loved ones, need reassurance or practical help and guidance in handling finances when needing care, please get in touch.

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