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Posted By Ryan Oates

Financial Wellbeing – Financial Planning Support for Employees



Providing staff with information on Financial Wellbeing and Education

  • Staff were provided with tools and an action plan to improve their Financial Wellbeing
  • Our presentation had the highest attendance of all activities in the company that week
  • Several employees contacted us afterwards seeking further information 

By offering this support to their employees, the company will benefit from increased in staff motivation.


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A large regional firm of solicitors were running a Wellbeing Week for their staff to ensure they were supporting employees.

Much of the content for the week was focused on physical and mental wellbeing – which was great. However, they also wanted to provide staff with further information and education on Financial Wellbeing, which is not something they had offered in the past. 


  • Provide a virtual presentation, via Microsoft Teams, to staff on:
    • What is Financial Wellbeing
    • Why budgeting is important
    • Methods on how to save
    • Managing debt
    • Financial tips
  • The presentation was to be recorded and shared with staff who were unable to attend


  • Prior to the planned presentation, we created an online form via which staff could ask finance related questions anonymously. These questions were then addressed at the end of presentation
  • Delivered a 20-minute presentation via Teams
  • Gave staff the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation
  • Provided the recording and our contact details for staff to follow up afterwards 
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