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A recent survey conducted by GriD reveals that a significant portion of employers are planning to boost their investment in employee benefits within the next year.  It’s a move which underscores the growing recognition of the importance of supporting employees' well-being and overall satisfaction in the workplace.

Here are the Key Insights:

  1. Increased Investment: A staggering 43% of surveyed employers expressed their intention to ramp up investment in employee benefits over the next 12 months. This reflects a proactive approach by organisations to enhance their offerings and cater to the evolving needs of their workforce.


  1. Focus on Support: The decision to bolster investment in employee benefits is driven by a desire to provide greater support to employees. As workplaces continue to navigate challenges, ranging from the ongoing pandemic to shifting dynamics in the labour market, employers recognise the importance of ensuring their workforce feels valued and supported.


  1. Diverse Offerings: Employers are not just looking to increase investment but also diversify their range of employee benefits. This includes initiatives aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being, such as access to healthcare programs, mental health support services, and flexible work arrangements.


  1. Retention and Recruitment: Enhancing employee benefits serves not only to retain existing talent but also to attract new talent. In a competitive job market, where skilled professionals have abundant choices, offering attractive benefits can be a crucial differentiator for employers seeking to attract top employees.

The findings from the survey underscore a significant shift in how employers perceive and prioritise employee benefits. By increasing investment and diversifying offerings, organisations are not only demonstrating their commitment to employee well-being but also positioning themselves as employers of choice in a competitive landscape.

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