Relationships are important.  Here’s what our clients say about us:

“David has been managing our financial planning and our path to early retirement for the last three years, and his sterling work during this time has given us the confidence to now be able to make the decision to step away from our corporate careers and take the first step to retirement.  David has been a great support and has offered brilliant advice to make the most of a redundancy package, as well as consolidating many pensions and savings. His knowledge always astounds us and this has enabled us to fast-track our retirement plans which, had we not engaged the services of SGWM and David, would definitely not have happened.”  David & Katie – Warwickshire

“I thought I should write to express my thanks for SG Wealth Management’s support and help through the years and in particular would like to express my thanks to Mike Moore for his kindness and financial advice during a stressful period.  It has been most reassuring to have Mike’s advice and very helpful direction.  I look forward to his continued financial support and to continued news of SG Wealth’s progress.” M Brydon – Norfolk 

“Two years ago I starting to think about accessing my private pension. I found the information bewildering and meetings with other financial advisers provided little transparency. Then I met Mike Moore at SG Wealth Management. He was approachable, provided excellent information tailored to my specific needs and came up with a package that has suited me perfectly. I was so pleased with the service that I encouraged my husband to sign up to SGWM as well and he is also very satisfied – and he’s an accountant ! We had an added bonus the other week when Mike helped us with questions about our state pension and we left his office £2,500 better off !”  C Jackson – Norfolk

“I’ve been a client of SGWM for just under a year, with Neil Dobson as my Wealth Manager.  From the very first interaction with Neil my experience has been very positive.  He’s very thorough in his approach and goes that bit ‘extra’ by explaining everything in a clear meaningful manner.  I do feel that my pension affairs are in a ‘safe pair of hands’ working alongside Neil and SGWM.” A McDonald – Norfolk

“I have been a customer of SG Wealth Management for quite a few years now.  John Griffin is my Wealth Manager and I have always found the company to be very helpful in investing my money, arranging regular meetings and updates, and in providing an annual financial report.  As a result of the time SGWM took to assess my situation, I feel that my needs are very well met and I would have no problem in recommending them to friends.”  I Wright – Suffolk

“Over the last sixteen years,  have planned a major part of my life’s investments with SG Wealth Management.  During much of that time, I managed my own limited company footwear business and strongly continued my association with SGWM when I sold it. Having gained wide commercial experience through my life, I have been more than happy to find SGWM  broad thinking in that they advise me in a balanced manner across the wide cross section of my worldly goods and investments – rather than attempting to extend their hold on an increased percentage of my monies. I am treated as an individual human and not a customer number.  The mutual exchange of views and ideas between the two parties is both dynamic and refreshing, the outcome being that I have gained very strongly from the relationship.” G Smart – Norfolk

“I have been with SG Wealth Management for almost 9 years now….and counting.  During this time I have had ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ financial market days but, overall, our long term retirement portfolio performance goals have been achieved – allowing my wife and I to enjoy the retirement we were hoping for.   The most important thing about being with SGWM is the reassurance that I am looked after by what I think of now as being less a team of independent financial advisers and more like a family friend.  Not only do SGWM advise what to do with our pension pot investments, they also help on matters such as Lasting Power of Attorney (Financial and Health), Family Will, Inheritance Tax, Health Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance for my wife’s mother needs and Taxes.  As I am not UK domiciled my tax affairs can be a bit complicated to say the least!  I know the financial market will rise and fall and, while SGWM doesn’t have a financial crystal ball to see what the market will do tomorrow, they help us ride the ups and downs with a portfolio that better matches our long term retirement goals in a personalised, independent way.”  Mr & Mrs Illari – Norwich, Norfolk

“Linda Kent has managed my financial affairs for many years. I always feel reassured by her friendly, informal approach. Whilst the regular bi-annual updates are clear and well presented, it is more important to me to know that I can speak to her whenever I need to do so.  I don’t want ‘a voice on the telephone’ so it pleases me to meet the person handling my portfolio and to feel comfortable when discussing issues of concern or when there are questions to be addressed.  I have recommended Linda to many friends and feel pleased that some are benefiting from her experience. “ M H – Norwich       

“SG Wealth Management has been acting on my behalf over the last three years. I particularly value the fact that they get paid directly for the excellent service and advice they provide rather than being paid by commission simply for product sale. Their advice is impartial which is important.”   T Dansie – Essex

“From my first meeting with Katie Jones her service has been spot on. She produced the most detailed and professional Personal Financial Report I have ever received outlining the reasons I should transfer from my existing pension arrangements. When I had a time issue where I needed to have the lump sum transfer money through to me to meet a deadline, she chased the companies every day, keeping me informed as she did so. The money duly arrived in time.  Believe me there are times when I have been at the other end of the spectrum, service wise!! So to receive attention to my requirements like this was very refreshing.” R Adams – Suffolk

“Making financial arrangements for the future has always been a task that particularly worried, as well as distressed, one of us.   However, over a decade ago Linda Kent entered our lives and magically everything changed. Very quickly, expertly, and with minimum fuss she organised our finances and made them look, if not enthralling, at least comprehensible and interesting.  Linda has been planning and looking after our investments for over ten years, making us aware of their risks, watching tirelessly over their performance and patiently explaining their advantages and pitfalls. She was instrumental in the setting up our Trusts, in helping to reorganise our Wills and finally in prompting us “relatively early in our lives”, to consider and prepare Powers of Attorney.   Linda has always been able to find time to see us or answer our questions, even when she was on vacation, and to react swiftly when the occasion demanded a rapid decision. We have learned to admire her patience, reliability, punctuality greatly and, perhaps above all, equanimity and sense of humour in situations that might test even a saintly person!  She has also been instrumental in organising the finances of a friend of ours who was very impressed by Linda’s ability to discover that she possessed resources of which she was quite unaware.  We find Linda Kent to be one of those unusual people who makes one feel that she truly cares for the well-being of others.”  Professors I & M Silver – Cambridgeshire

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