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Posted By Joel Davies

We all have a story to tell. 

At school we were taught how to write stories, which often began with our teacher reading an excerpt from an established storyteller;  Clive King’s Stig of the Dump, Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach or the C.S Lewis classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

These stories inspired our young impressionable minds to create wild and wonderful tales of our own. 

It’s my privilege as a Dad to read to my son at bedtime (although a rare occurrence, as Mummy is the favourite!).  The most enjoyable read from the plethora of books has to be Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. 

She tells the tale of stick man and his unintended journey from his family home in the big oak tree.  He encounters many animals and people along the way - some help, while others hinder.  I won’t spoil the ending, but for those intrigued to know, you can watch the animated adaption on iPlayer. 

The sad thing is that, as adults, we often forget the precious experiences of childhood.  Those moments are fleeting. 

However, the bonus of growing up is freedom.  To choose what you do with your time, where you work and for whom, where you go on holiday, who you love, the list of choices is endless. 

What I’m getting at is that we all get to write our own story; no matter what we do - successes and mistakes - it’s unique, it’s individual, it’s ours. 


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