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Posted By John Griffin

Families are increasingly becoming more complex and interwoven, which is undeniably something to be celebrated.  If you’re in a blended family, have stepchildren or half siblings, you might find it can make discussing finances complicated. Tax advice, trusts and succession planning are all issues that you might be thinking about, and potentially wanting to seek advice on.  We can help you navigate these issues, in conjunction with a solicitor where needed, and offer guidance tailored to your unique family situation. 

But for now, what can you do to ensure your family’s financial plans are clear, straight-forward and work for everyone? STEP (the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations) has conducted a survey to gather insight about modern families’ wealth and succession planning needs, and their advice is as follows: 

    Like with most things, communication is key! Clear, early, and ongoing communication within your family is more essential than ever. Open discussions between your family and advisors are strongly advised to provide clarity on financial matters.  

(STEP, 2021)

    Early planning within your family and any family businesses regarding succession is crucial in avoiding conflict further down the line. It’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality and make sure you’re all on the same page. 

(STEP, 2021)

    You should regularly revisit wills, trusts and other documents to ensure they are up to date and reflect your intentions. As circumstances change and evolve it is important that financial plans and documents reflect this, every step of the way.

We understand that each family has specific needs, and no two families are the same. We're able to give confidential advice and support tailored to your circumstances and have the flexibility to change with you.  No matter your sexuality, culture, background, or relationship status, we can help you navigate your finances and plan for your family’s future. 

Speak to one of our impartial and trusted advisers today to find out how we can collaborate with your legal advisers to support you and your family. 

(STEP, 2021)


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