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Posted By Helen Tavner

According to more than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day.  The cost to taxpayers for street cleaning is over £1 billion a year.  We all know that litter is harmful to the environment and to wildlife, often taking years to degrade - if at all - so we all need to be vigilant in using bins to dispose of our rubbish, or taking it home with us if there are no public bins available.

Here at SG Wealth Management, we're committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment.  Our in-house CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) committee frequently organises events, not only for charity fundraising, but for community outreach too.  We are blessed to have some beautiful walks, parks and a river right by our office, which we all value greatly, so we decided to get hands-on in protecting our environment by cleaning up the area with a staff litter picking effort!

Over the last two weeks, our team have been going out onto the streets of Norwich armed with litter pickers, hi-vis jackets, gloves and bin bags, collecting as much rubbish as we can in our local area.

We headed out in small groups for approximately one-hour sessions, dividing rubbish into general waste, recycling and glass.  Each team filled multiple bags with discarded rubbish from hedgerows, pathways and riverbanks, which is a sad reality to be faced with, however the feeling of satisfaction after completing our trails was really unifying and uplifting.  The consensus was that this was a very enjoyable project, it felt rewarding to get outdoors into the sunshine and do something worthwhile for the community and we're planning to do another in the autumn.

You can see a few shots of our team in action below!

To find out more about our CSR committee, the charities we support, and read our Environmental Policy Statement click here.


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