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Posted By Joel Davies

American Billionaire Warren Buffett made his first investment in 1941 at the age of 11 for $114.  Now, aged 90, he has an estimated net worth is $86.5 billion.  I believe he had 3 key metrics to his success – money, time and patience.  

These 3 principles are crucial when building wealth.  Which is why I often say, ‘Build wealth like Lego, brick by brick.’ 


To be fair $100 is $1,835 in today’s money - not a tiny sum, but nonetheless he started small and most important of all he started.


Mr. Buffett has accumulated wealth primarily through investing, which differs from other billionaires who tend to start and over time and buy businesses through acquisitions.


The bulk of Buffett’s wealth was amassed from age 56 onwards when he became a billionaire because of issuing shares in his company, Berkshire Hathaway. 


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