Corporate Services

We help ambitious companies reward, support and retain employees.

Read our November 2016 blog here to learn how to attract and retain the best talent for your business.

A successful workplace pension or group risk policy can provide employees with financial security and reinforce your position as a caring employer.

We’re a dedicated team that works only with businesses. Our technical knowledge, commitment and client-friendly service means we get to know what works for you.

We’re qualified, professional, supportive and ultimately impartial.

We have offices in Norwich and Ipswich; providing a local and dedicated service to our clients.

Typically our support will fall into one of the following areas:

  • Auto Enrolment  – We provide a simple or tailored solution from start to finish
  • Existing Workplace Pension –  We offer detailed governance and employer support
  • Employee Benefits –  Group Life, Group Income Protection, Group Private Medical
  • Workforce Support –  We can deliver workshops and educational literature
  • Shareholder Protection  – We put a resilient succession plan in place
  • Corporate Investment  – We help deliver optimum returns on capital

Workplace Pension

By 2018, all employers must provide a workplace pension scheme to help their employees save for retirement.

Auto Enrolment

Find out more about your duties as an employer and what we can do to help you support, reward your employees.

Employee Benefits

The right employee benefit package is essential to making sure your valuable employees are looked after.

Business Protection

We refer to Shareholder Protection and Key Person Protection as Business Protection, because they protect the business and its shareholders.