Auto Enrolment

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If you employ one or more people you may be impacted by this change and need to act to ensure you comply with your new responsibilities.

For the first time in the UK employers are required by law to set up a qualifying workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol certain employees into their scheme. They must also make pension contributions for any employees who join and remain in the scheme and comply with other statutory obligations.

Employers must demonstrate compliance with the new regulations by registering with the Pensions Regulator and completing a declaration of compliance and by keeping detailed records for six years.

Auto-enrolment began in October 2012 with larger employers, but now and in the next few years is addressing the remaining smaller employers.

These changes have been brought in by the Government in an attempt to help people save more for their retirement. As with any change though they bring with them a good deal of uncertainty for both employers and employees alike.

Here at SG Corporate Services we have vast experience in arranging and administering pension schemes for companies of all sizes. We can help employers and employees to understand the complex legislation and how it effects them.

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