Aggie McArdle

Support Pod Team Leader (IPS)

Aggie has been in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years and recently celebrated her 20th anniversary with us!   She previously worked at Stan Gaskin Ltd, who we bought out in 2010, and says that the constantly ‘changing face’ of the Financial Services industry has kept her job interesting and fresh.

She says that she most enjoys the professional relationship she's built up with our clients, most of whom she's been speaking with for many years.  Aggie also likes forging relationships with new clients, giving them confidence in our firm, and being a point of contact for them to carry on the work started by the Wealth Manager.

Aggie, who lives just outside Ipswich, enjoy Pilates, swimming, reading and socialising with family and friends…..but says relaxing at home cuddled up with her cat, Tess, is her favourite ‘out of work’ activity!

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