Kimberly Moss
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We know that there are so many mental and physical benefits to being active, but working from home and living life in lockdown without our daily commutes has made it far too easy to become more sedentary than normal over the last year.

So, between Thursday 1st April to Thursday 24th June, our staff are attempting to collectively cover 5,000 miles by foot!  (That’s almost as far as Mexico and who wouldn’t like some Mexican sunshine and margaritas at the moment?!)

SGWM is a firm that strives to set and achieve goals, so our colleagues will be logging their walks, strolls, jogs or runs - and with every activity however big or small being recorded, we’ll get that little bit closer to our goal each day.  There’s no judgement or comparison, every mile or part-mile counts.

Our aim with this challenge is simply for our colleagues to be in it together, to challenge ourselves to be more active and to invest some time in ourselves - by getting up and moving as a team to achieve our goal. 

Find out more about our Community Activities here.

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