Henry Gaskin
Posted By Henry Gaskin

Most schools have transitioned to provide remote-learning through setting work to be undertaken at home, as well as conducting online “virtual” lessons. 

Remote timetables are being used to include academic, creative and physical activities to keep their pupils’ development on track.  As such, most teachers are still actively working and like other organisations, schools continue to incur many other usual ongoing costs, as well as additional costs to support this “new normal” for as long as necessary.

That said, some schools have considered providing financial support to parents by passing on some of the cost savings they may be making at the current time.  Costs such as food, transport, materials, some personnel and other elements may be being saved temporarily during lockdown and as such some refunds or credits against future fees are being seen offered by some organisations in lieu of this.

Each school’s position is unique and therefore their headteachers and governors will be deciding on the right policy for themselves, their students and their parents.  Clearly, this is a fast-moving situation, the length of which remains unclear at this stage, and schools’ policies are being developed and amended in light of the changing circumstances over time.

We would suggest people contact schools individually to discuss their own position on the matter and indeed discuss whether there is any individual support they may be able to give to specific cases if necessary. 

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