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Bank Holiday Monday

A (typically rainy) Bank Holiday Monday, so no work today. And - thanks to the weather - no gardening or car washing either so, after visiting a local café for coffee and a snack, followed by a quick walk around the local countryside, the day is free to watch the Snooker World Final!

However, I did first take a few minutes to catch up with the weekends’ staff Strava Club activities and to update our 5,000 mile challenge log, where I was pleased to find we’ve added another 167 miles walking and running, plus 140 miles cycling over the past three days.


After working in IT for more than 20 years I'm used to keeping multiple ‘plates spinning’, and a typical week will include responding to colleagues' requests for advice and help with their IT queries or problems, liaising with suppliers, sharing management information reports, working major projects and implementing changes to improve services.  Alongside this there’ll be regular briefings and meetings, as well as keeping an eye on what the industry trends are or what’s coming soon, looking to identify things to investigate further - and perhaps adopt - to help the business work more effectively. 

Because of all the competing priorities, keeping organised is critical. I'll typically start my week with updating my (long) ‘To Do’ list; I have a long-term list of jobs stored on an app on my computer, with a more immediate 'To Do This Week' list in my notebook, the challenge being to try and check off completed tasks faster than adding new ones!

There’ll be regular weekly and monthly tasks that I'll do, which is particularly busy at the start of the month, as there are various month-end reports to produce - providing data and business insight to different teams. Multiple departments will want reports for review and analysis, whether that's financial information, marketing stats or business operations data. 

On the calendar for today…

  • Review and approve partner invoices.
  • Reporting - end of month reports for Wealth Management, Client Services, Finance and Compliance teams.
  • Planning report to give Client Services early sight for next month's clients who are due a review meeting and valuation report.
  • A monthly catch-up meeting with our Wealth Manager team leads.


Middle of the week already…what’s on the agenda?

A clear diary today so a good chance to get on top of the IT Strategy paper refresh. I am expecting updates on estimates and quotes so I am hoping to complete budget requirements and new project scopes for the coming year.

  • Liaised with the software supplier about costs for new software tools proposing to implement later in the year.
  • Arranged security meetings with a couple of Account Managers for next week – looking at new security tools and a security review and audit.
  • Updated the Fee Invoice templates in intelliflo office, rolling forward the dates by a month.
  • News Post published on company website.
  • Finished the initial draft of the IT Strategy, to be issued at the end of the week alongside Project Update Reports. This will mean that proposals for next years’ budget can be outlined and discussed to see which can be approved.

Then this evening I’ll be playing lock down ‘cross table rules’ pool league match, live-streamed on YouTube.

A top of the table clash, with second playing third at a critical point towards the end of the season!

Probably the most exciting thing happening this week… 


Most important thing…did I win my pool match?!

Yes! Despite falling 1-4 behind, I managed to rally and won 7-4, so I am now clear in second place in the league with just three matches to go.

What’s happening today? Fortunately, another clear diary, so I will be focussing on project work – I currently have ten projects underway, so I will spend the day moving some of these forwards.

But first, this week's task list - what’s been closed off and what do I need to do before looking at project work?

  • 5k mile challenge end of week 5 update – 377 miles this week taking us to 2,049 in total. 34 miles behind schedule, but pretty good considering the turn in the weather.
  • Reviewed and summarised the way we report on Defined Benefit Advice activities. The workflow and compliance instructions have changed in line with regulation, so we need to consider how we can track and report on this. The current reporting details are to be shared with the Compliance Team, for review and decision on new requirements
  • Quick lunchtime trip to the polling station.
  • Updated Zoom Webinar branding graphics.
  • Updated and issued Digital Marketing monthly report for April


SMT Project Report update day! Need to issue reports ahead of monthly SMT next week.

First, I spent some time analysing financial data with Chief Operating Officer Tina Smiddy.

Then I updated the IT Dept monthly report, along with updates for 7 projects.

I collated and shared a Staff Survey with SMT – we’re planning to return to work and adopt future ways of ‘agile working’ so have asked staff for their thoughts on current proposals and their feelings about plans for returning to work in the office.

At last, it’s the end of the week, so a countryside walks with the dog, followed by fish & chips, then a pool knockout competition - where I went out at quarter-final stage, so not a bad run!



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