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Covid-19 and Employee Benefits: I Get Health and Dentistry Care but I’ve Been Furloughed. Will this impact my ability to access work benefits?

You should still have access to these employee benefits provided by your employer if you’re furloughed. We would suggest contacting your provider should you need to make a claim or use their services.

Should you have access to a Health/Dental Cash Plan or Private Medical Insurance, these will often provide some valuable additional benefits which may be useful now. For example, 24/7 access to a GP via a video or telephone call. You may also have access to a Wellbeing Hub which can provide medical information.  You should log-in to your account or register for online access with your provider, to find out more.

However, you may find several services are currently unavailable or restricted. For example, you may be unable to make an appointment with a dentist. You should also expect delays for any non-urgent, in-patient or elective surgery through your Private Medical Insurance.

Please note that any testing or treatment of COVID-19 is typically not covered by Private Medical Insurance, and people should follow government guidance in this area, particularly via 111 either by phone or online at 111.nhs.uk/covid-19.

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