Helen Tavner
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There are a number of lessons one expects to take from Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns”……….  the true value of family, for instance, or how not to put on an English accent…… but we doubt anyone expected fiscal responsibility and the power of compound interest to be among them.


In the recent film, the beleaguered Michael Banks is rescued by his prudent investment of tuppence in the previous version of the film.

Unlike the miraculous Nanny, SG Wealth Management can’t quite turn 2p into a house, but we CAN advise you on how to make the most of your savings by ensuring they are prudently, fruitfully and trustingly invested on your behalf.   

Allowing you more time for the important stuff – like family, kites and cartoon penguins.

BBC News – Mary Poppings Returns: Can tuppence really save the day?

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