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At 6am it's time to get up and ready for work.  After breakfast and taking my dog, Frankie, for a walk, I begin my working day at 8:30am by reviewing and prioritising my tasks for the week.

After an Admin Team meeting, I check a withdrawal has gone through for a client, update our CRM system Intelliflo (iO) accordingly, and do a manual rebalance for the client on the plan.  I check the current position of the Quilter withdrawal payment for clients and make sure the monthly direct debit for the contribution going into the plan has come in.  I call Quilter for an update before informing Wealth Manager, Andrew Morley, so that he can advise clients accordingly, then update iO that the contribution is stopping.

Next I deal with new business for Wealth Manager, Linda Kent, whose client wishes to invest £200k into a GIA model.  I prepare the Action Plan, set up a task, attach the cheque and prepare a covering letter ready to send the cheque to Transact via recorded delivery.  I then add a new lead to iO for Wealth Manager, Stuart Sutton, and prepare a new client pack for his meeting.

I spend the end of my working day finding out how our waste gets recycled, as MD Stephen Girling is keen on ensuring sure our selected waste company are recycling as much as possible rather than sending to landfill.

After finishing for the day, I have a ‘pre-race shake out’ before a race tomorrow, then it's shower and teatime before attending an antenatal class with my wife.


Another 6am start followed by breakfast and a walk with Frankie.  I have a call with IT Manager, Jason Dorsett, to set up my temporary laptop while my work laptop is being fixed, then I print and email valuations ready for Andrew Morley’s meeting.  I then prepare and send Letters of Authority (LOA) to clients for signing and returning, followed by a call to discuss the bins.

I review through tasks on iO and call Transact to see if a cheque has been received.  Andrew has a call with one of his clients who wish to invest £10k each into their ISA’s – so I prepare all the documents and produce the Action Plan ready for the money coming over to Transact.  I then spend time increasing the client’s monthly contribution amount for the Quilter plan – Action Plan prepared, updated online and added to iO.

Afer lunch l review a low cash balances report and see that two clients require action.  Next up is a call to check when our fire and smoke alarms are due for their next service, followed by a call to Chubb to discuss the Access Control pad.  After this, I look at combination locks for the office gate and make enquiries into replacing the key lock.

The rest of my working day is spent going through my tasks before finishing at 4pm - to take part (and come third!) in a 5k race in Ipswich... pleased that my wife and my boys came to cheer me on!


After a 6am wake up, a quick breakfast and Frankie’s usual walk, I kick off my day by attaching emails and updating client data, which includes updating the monthly spreadsheet for valuations and reviews.

At 9.30am I have a team 'Pod' Meeting to discuss

  • Leads and updates on client status
  • Peer-to-Peer lending
  • Client meetings and annual review outcomes
  • Platform/providers and online access
  • New enquiries and clarification on the process for dealing with these
  • Changes to Pension age (55-57) prospective impact

After this, I give Steve Girling a call regarding  bins and recycling and go through my tasks, updating the system accordingly.

Following a much-enjoyed lunch break, I begin filing documents which have arrived in the post, then go through tasks and update the system accordingly.

Having finished work, I have a rest day from running, due to racing the previous night, and spend time with my wife and dog catching up on TV!


Another 6am start, breakfast, and Frankie’s morning walk!  My working day begins by preparing various LOAs for one of Andrew’s clients and I add plans to the system to prepare for his meeting with them.  I then review a potential supplier for our new office blinds and batch up client surveys in envelopes ready to be posted.  Next, I contact Royal Mail to locate our signed-for deliveries, which haven't been showing on the online tracking system, and make another call to get the combination entrance passcode changed.

I go through various tasks and update iO – checking that a client's income had been set up on various plans - then have a catch-up chat with Andrew.

I pop out to receive my second Covid 19 vaccination, then head back to work to go through various tasks and update iO, including moving from a client’s ISA to their GIA to cover fees and sending off returned LOA’s to Aviva and Standard Life.

At 5pm, it's the end of the working day - I go for a 6 mile evening run around Norwich, then it's back home to have a shower and tea before relaxing for the evening.


As per usual, a 6am start, a big breakfast and Frankie’s morning walk before starting work at 8.30am.  The new business work (Report Meeting Pack) has been signed off by Compliance and sent over by Paraplanning and requires all the relevant paperwork to be processed, filled in, collated and sent out to the client.  After completing this, I upload documents to iO and spend the remainder of my day going through emails and tasks such as updating iO with Post Meeting Notes ....eventually heading home at 5pm.

Saturday and Sunday

I enjoy a lovely weekend spending time with family, taking Frankie out for walks, watching Netflix and an 8 miles progression run, plus a 14-mile long run from Sprowston to Hethersett!



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