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At 8:30am I unlock the office, set up my desk and grab a coffee to start sorting through weekend emails before attending our weekly Admin Team meeting which includes updates on the changes to our Risk & Capacity for Loss forms. I then sort out the post before processing meeting packs for Wealth Manager, John Griffin’s imminent client meetings, which involves preparing a report bundle, including risk assessment documents and updating our CRM system, Intelligent Office (iO).

Having prioritised my week's tasks into a ‘To Do’ list, I start on fee invoicing tasks, such as liaising with John about specific clients, writing letters and invoicing.

After enjoying home-made sandwiches in our break room for lunch, I then power through some miscellaneous admin tasks to “warm back up” for the afternoon (checking on paid fees, PFP onboarding, etc)!

I call an off-platform provider to request policy information for a client before sorting through paper documentation received from a previous meeting – updating iO, attaching to tasks and binders and shredding the originals for confidentiality. I amend iO and advance various tasks in relation to a pair of clients who are drawing down their investments.

I then process and action other significant emails that I've received during the day, before receiving documentation back from John’s earlier meeting which includes risk forms, applications forms, and two £50k cheques - all of which requires updating on the system and letters to generate so that applications and investments can be made.

At 5:10pm it’s time to lock up the building, put the phone on “Time Mode”, wash up my mug, and head home! 


8:30am and again I’m starting the day with a morning coffee while setting up and processing the morning post then prioritising my task list and emails to identify urgent jobs.  Various printing and postage requests were sent to me by colleagues who are working from home which require handling.  I have a discussion with Henry Gaskin and Tina Smiddy about the iO reports I helped to generate last week and how issuing these are progressing, before working on some post-meeting actions following John’s client meeting yesterday.

I then turn my attention to two significant illustration reports comprising multiple documents and drafting an action plan for investing a cash sum a client is looking to inject into their portfolio, factoring in their existing holdings and model portfolio.

Henry Gaskin, who is usually based in our Ipswich branch is in our office today and needs a lift to the train station, so I offer to chauffer him and Stephen Girling to the station and garage to collect their cars – not a requirement on the job description!

During my lunch break I receive a few more post/printing requests, so action these for my return.

I spend the afternoon working on some forms I received back for a new Trust case that John’s been working on, update iO, upload documents and liaise with John about the best way to proceed.  I go through the investment forms for the Trust case with a fine-tooth comb due to the nature of one of the providers involved and flag some issues to John so he can raise them with the solicitor/trustee to ensure that when the application is submitted, the process is smooth for the clients.  I finish the day with a few minor admin jobs and update my activity log for tomorrow.

Today was an unusual one! I was pleased that John and I were able to make significant progress with a new Trust client (£100,000 worth of investment with three Trustees - a complicated administrative challenge to say the least!) which is always satisfying, although far from complete yet!  The uncommonly large number of requests from my colleagues working from home slowed my own progress a bit, but this should just be a blip for today.  All in all, I’m in a good position to keep everything moving along for John’s clients with tomorrow’s tasks (and hopefully get the Trust investments finalised)! 


So today is going to be a "checklist” day, which I’m actually quite pleased about!  By “checklist” I mean that I’ve got about twenty smaller tasks on my activity list that I can hopefully all get resolved (or mostly resolved) by the close of the day.  I’ve got several action plans for Bed and ISAs, collecting client fees and ad hoc withdrawals for clients to do, plus several smaller ‘housekeeping’ tasks to update the iO and keep the client records ticking along.  All in all, lots of jobs to do, but each one will either mean I’ve completed something or finished the lion’s share of the task, which is always encouraging!

Phew…. today required four doses of black coffee, but I made it! Fortunately, I was able to keep my head down and plough through all the tasks that I needed to. Some of the more repetitive tasks (I had to go through about a dozen July reports and individually update their ‘Investment Commentaries’ which is about as exciting as it sounds!) was a bit of a grind, but it’s always satisfying to see the daily task list dwindling down to nothing. 


Another nice and early 8:30am start and I arrive at the office to help colleague Ashley Hobbs move the office furniture into storage before the office gets a fresh lick of paint.  

My morning is spent with a coffee while sorting through emails and processing the day's post, before calling Transact for an update on an inheritance transfer a client was expecting, followed by handling a few postage requests from colleagues.  

I generate four platform reports for July clients and update the corresponding tasks before my lunch break....I was planning to pop up to the city, but the downpour changed my mind!

Getting back to work at 1:30pm I log and upload the client communications that John has copied me into before attending a Team Meeting, then actioning an ad hoc withdrawal requested by a client.  The rest of my day is spent doing miscellaneous administrative tasks. 


You guessed it, it’s 8:30am and time for my morning cuppa! 

I then discuss an issue regarding the inheritance of another client – complications of two conflicting Trust applications and how we can unravel them for the client with the provider.  Morning post is sorted through and printing requests from colleagues are actioned before I focus on generating a fee payment action plan. I get the week’s fee cheques scanned to Financial Controller, Charlie Crafer, then carry out a couple of Bed and ISA tasks and contact a platform provider to chase an update on some previously requested documentation.  

After lunch, I start work on case file management; paring down some of the unnecessary paper documents in the case file (don’t tell John!!) before updating Trust forms with information received from clients and solicitors, to get sent out with the cheques today.  I respond to some colleagues’ emails and consult Simon Eke about an admin procedure for a client with unusual circumstances.

Having finished generating the July QR reports, I pass them to John to confirm how he’d like to issue them to the clients involved.  I have a meeting with Simon regarding software updates and training, following which I check the documentation for a Trust case, including certifying ID documentation and ensuring the correct scans are on the system. I issue quarterly review valuations before finishing off the leftover admin tasks for the week such as sending update emails, amending spreadsheets and records, etc.

Finally, at 5pm I‘ve finished for the week, so after a tidy up of my workstation, it’s time to go home!

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