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From 1st November 2020 onwards, Architas fund names will change to reflect that they will now be managed by Liontrust Asset Management plc (Liontrust).

Architas recently sold its UK funds business to Liontrust and the acquisition has now received regulatory and Liontrust shareholder approval so is expected to complete at the end of October.

What does this mean for our clients’ investments?

The name changes will not affect the objectives of the funds. The experienced Architas UK investment team will move across to Liontrust, so clients will benefit from the combined expertise of the existing Architas fund managers and the Liontrust Multi-Asset investment team. We see this as a positive move as a further strengthening of the team managing the funds. 

We have used the Architas fund range from time to time with clients, as proxies for our own discretionary portfolios, in certain specific circumstances.  SG Wealth Management will of course continue to monitor the funds too, exactly as we do now.  

Launched in 1995, Liontrust has a strong track record in fund management and a highly regarded Multi-Asset investment team, as well as many other successful investment strategies we use in our wider portfolios. It is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, manages global equities, fixed income, and sustainable investment funds. and is proud of the fact that each of its investment teams apply distinct processes to the management of their funds and portfolios.

A full list of fund names can be found here.

No action is required from our clients, but please do not hesitate to contact us on 01603 760866 if you have any questions.

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