Standard of excellence

Having a standard of excellence for your Workplace Pension will demonstrate the benefits of your pension offering to employees and enable employees to appreciate the value of those benefits. It helps to:

  • Attract and retain staff, and benchmark the scheme against your competitors
  • Encourage employees to save for retirement
  • Enable employees to understand and recognise the value of the pension you offer and improve confidence in pensions

Why is it a good idea?

It provides a competitive advantage in staff retention and recruitment. It supports your employees in saving for a comfortable retirement and it is a useful tool to position your company at the forefront of employer responsibility.

You will be able to evidence some of the following:

  • Contributions that exceed the statutory minimums
  • Annual governance checks which review how your scheme is run
  • Whether you meet regularly and whether members can have a say
  • Whether the scheme gives your employees regular information in a way that is easy to understand

We can help you review your current scheme and work towards achieving the above.

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