Under legislation, you have a duty to re-enrol eligible employees back into your workplace pension scheme every 3 years.

There are certain circumstances when some employees may not need to be re-enrolled and, since you set up your workplace pension, you may have had employees who opted out, left the scheme, stopped contributions or chose to pay less than the auto-enrolment minimum contribution amount.

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Employees who have been re-enrolled into the scheme will have the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ again if they wish, however they can only do this after being re-enrolled.  It is also an opportunity to review the scheme as a whole and to complete a Governance review of the Workplace Pension Scheme

  • Review of the objectives for the employer and employees
  • Review of the administration processes
  • Communications update
  • Review of the default investment

Some of the above should be undertaken annually, however the 3 year anniversary is a good prompt to complete them.

SG Corporate Services can guide you through the re-enrolment exercise for your business and also complete a full governance review of your workplace pension.  We can help you review your current scheme and work towards achieving the above. 

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