Employee Benefits

We help address a range of needs for companies of all sizes. Our corporate services focus on recruitment, retention and benefits.

The right Employee Benefits package is crucial for businesses to attract and retain talent. Imagine starting a new job and discovering from the Employee Benefits booklet that:

  • If you’re suffering from an illness or injury you’ll have access to private healthcare treatment. Following a GP referral, you will have a choice of location, hospital and specialist/consultant that is convenient for you.
  • If unfortunately you continue to be off work due to illness or injury, you’ll continue to receive up to 80% of your salary. You’ll receive occupational therapy support and access to other support services and an income until you return to work or reach the scheme’s cease age (often state pension age).
  • If the worst happens and you’re diagnosed with a critical illness or pass away, that you or your family would receive a cash lump sum payment. At a time of need, your family would be supported financially whilst more important issues are dealt with.
  • If you develop and complete your career with the company you will have a valuable pension fund to provide you with sufficient benefits to give you a comfortable retirement.

As an employer, you can provide all or some these benefits for your employees. Not only can it result in lower absenteeism and a healthier workforce – but it will help you retain and attract important and talented employees.

No matter the size of your business or the budget available, an employee benefits package is available.
We can help advise, implement and communicate your employee benefits and contribute to making your employees feel more valued and cared for.

For more information and advice on a new or existing employee benefits package contact us on 01603 760866 or hello@sgcorporateservices.co.uk

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