Stephen Girling

Managing Director

Stephen started in financial services with Legal and General back in 1978. Although the profession is now unrecognisable from that time, the necessity for good, honest client advice hasn't diminished – just been made easier to obtain through regulation and qualification.

Stephen recognised this when he founded SG Wealth Management in 2001- based on those principles and putting clients first with a transparent, fee-based service - at a time when commission-hungry salesmen were still the norm.

Fast forward to today and he heads a business dedicated to delivering the right outcomes for clients – giving them ongoing financial peace of mind.  He's pleased to see that we're still serving so many of those first clients 20 years on, with many more now benefitting from our advice.

Stephen is personally qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner - the highest level of accreditation - and is delighted that the company is also a Corporate Chartered firm, meeting similar professional ideals.  His responsibilities now include ensuring compliance with all aspects of regulation and steering the company to remain relevant and effective for clients in a rapidly changing world.

Outside of the office, Stephen is the treasurer for his local church - Surrey Chapel in Norwich - and is married with three grown children.  He enjoys distance running as a way of making up for the hours sitting behind a desk and (just to break the boring 'MD of a financial services company stereotype’) also unwinds with rides out on his Triumph Sprint GT 1050 tourer!

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